マンスフィールドフェローシッププログラム研修員Jared Pasley

JCCP東京本部事務局では、2013年11月5日から11月21日の約3週間、マンスフィールドフェローシッププログラムのフェローである、米国連邦政府職員Jared Paslayさんの研修受け入れを行いました。

以下、Jared Paslayさんからの研修を終えての感想をご紹介致します。




My last three weeks with the JCCP have been a fantastic learning experience and the ideal place for me to gain perspective into how some NGO's approach the issues of conflict prevention and nation building. It has been a very fun and educational time.

The office kept me busy with a variety of projects, to include reviewing the English versions of their homepage and several articles, attending conferences and administrative meetings, and translating a few of their written products. I also had a great time observing the similarities and differences within the Tokyo office when compared to other Japanese government agency offices. The members of the JCCP really went out of their way to make me feel welcome, and I appreciate the conversations and opinion exchanges we have shared about international politics, war, economics, foreign cultures, and life in general.

I leave the JCCP with a great respect and a shared passion for their mission abroad. I am very grateful for the time they put into providing me with a rich learning environment these past few weeks. I hope to see you all again somewhere out in the field.

マンスフィールドフェローシッププログラム研修員Wikrom Kitchaiya

JCCP東京本部事務局では、2013年9月17日から10月4日の1ヶ月弱の間、マンスフィールドフェローシッププログラムのフェローである、米国連邦政府職員Wikrom Kitchaiyaさんの研修受け入れを行いました。

以下、Wikrom Kitchaiyaさんからの研修を終えての感想をご紹介致します。





The JCCP placement started on 17 September and concluded on 4 October 2013. The staff has done a lot in preparation for my arrival. They were able to accommodate my lack of language proficiency with meaningful work. During this placement, I attended a lecture by the JCCP’s president at the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS). Next, we visited a private company to expand the donor’s relation. Initially, I was a bit concerned about my language capability, but apparently, I came to JCCP during an important phase; the agency was undergoing a process to update their English website in order to showcase it on the International Day of Peace. I was able to contribute greatly to ensure an on-time new English website launch was successfully done by the deadline. During my time at JCCP, I learned a lot about the agency’s work in Africa, particularly in South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya.

I thoroughly enjoy my time at JCCP. The small agency office and low number of staff members create a homely and friendly atmosphere. Each day I was encouraged to bring a bento or purchase one nearby and enjoy lunch with all my coworkers. During this time, we usually discuss cultural differences along with learning more about each other. Additionally, JCCP's staffs did an exceptional job at utilizing each person’s strength in order to maximize the office’s efficiency. Overall, this has been a very pleasant experience and I hope that I could learn as much from my subsequent placements.